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A Wise Funeral Investment

A lot of people are frightened and anxious when it comes to talking about deaths and funerals. It is quite understandable because after all, it is not entirely a light topic to just bring up casually. However, it does not make it okay to push the topic at the far end of your mind and list of priorities. If you do, you might just have a tendency to make terrible financial decisions in your life. Those decisions may, later on, affect your family and give them stress after you are gone. You might be thinking right now, how are funerals related to your finances? It is quite a great connection actually, as funerals are really costing more and more each passing year. With the average funeral cost in the United Kingdom already rising to £4,417 in the past year, it is no wonder why prepaid funeral plans have become a financial investment for others. Understanding the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan might just help you make up your mind about it and give you a better grasp of your finances while you are still strong and able to earn for yourself.

A Thoughtful Decision

Getting a prepaid funeral might be one of the best decisions you could ever make not only for yourself but as well as for your family. The financial aspect of it all is not the only factor that makes it one of the best decisions ever, but it sure is one of the greatest factors. When you arrange for a prepaid funeral plan, you would already choose the necessities and requirements you would want to have in your own funeral. Meaning to say, you would already remove the burden of making hard decisions and thinking about what you want for your bereaved loved ones when you pass on. They would be allowed to grieve in their own way because a funeral director would be in charge of making all of the necessary arrangements for the funeral. Most importantly, your family would no longer need to come up with money to pay for any sort of expenses because it would have been covered with your prepaid funeral plan.

Taking Advantage of Low Prices

Considering that funeral costs these days are already at an all-time high compared to the past couple of years, or even decades, it would still be one of the lowest you would ever experience it to be in the next years and decades to come once you would already need to spend for an actual funeral. When you get one of Stibbards and Sons’ funeral plans, you can pay for a funeral at a very minimal cost because of their different and affordable plans you could choose from. You could get one for as low as £2,899 for a simple funeral, or add a little for more services at £3,349. There are also plans with more special inclusions but you have to pay more for it as it costs £4,144, or have a bespoke funeral tailored to your preferences which starts at £4,599. If and when you avail of one of their plans, your money would be invested and placed in a trust with The Golden Charter Trust, so that when the time that you would already use it, it could cover all of the funeral costs and expenses that would fit your chosen plan. At the end of the day, there are no additional costs your family members would need to pay for.

Convenience and Ease

The beauty with prepaid funeral plans is that should there be a loved one in your family that passes away unexpectedly, you would be able to transfer your plan for him or her to use. If your family is not in a very good financial place during such an untimely passing, it would be a great benefit for you to have because you would no longer need to scrummage through different means and channels of gathering enough money to pay for your deceased loved one’s funeral expenses. Not only that, but getting the services of the best in the United Kingdom, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands with Stibbards and Sons’ highly able and professional funeral directors to help you with the whole process every step of the way. Losing someone you love may be hard, but it should not be harder than it already is because of funeral dilemmas and costs. With Stibbards and Sons, you get all the help you need.

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