Investment Guide Investment Guide Copyright by en Tue, 05 Jul 2022 00:29:52 -0400 The Top 8 Reasons to Invest in Property on the Gold Coast The Gold Coast is one of the most popular tourist destinations, and it’s not hard to see why.

With its world-famous beaches and activities, the Gold Coast has something for everyone. Plus, for the love of Gold Coast, a community group is there to support local businesses and creatives.

But what many people don’t know is that the Gold Coast area is also a great place to invest in property.

Why Invest Property on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking for great property investment, the Gold Coast is worth considering. There are more things to see and do here, making it perfect for tourists of all ages.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider investing in property on the Gold Coast:

1. Laid-back lifestyle

The Gold Coast is perfect for retirees and young families for this reason.

It’s also home to some restaurants and cafes, allowing Gold Coast property investors to try the local cuisine. In addition, this place is home to many art galleries and museums, making it the perfect place for a creative break.

2. World-class tourist destinations

If you’re looking for a sun-soaked vacation destination, the Gold Coast is the perfect spot. There’s something everyone can enjoy with its endless beaches and lush rainforests.

Here are some tourist attractions the Gold Coast has to offer:

  • Surfers Paradise Beach. As the name suggests, Surfers Paradise is a mecca for surfers from all over the world. This iconic beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing or catching a wave.
  • The Hinterland. For those who want to explore beyond the beach, the Gold Coast hinterland is full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Plenty keeps you occupied, from hiking trails to waterfalls.
  • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Home to kangaroos, koalas, and other native Australian animals, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, is a must-visit for animal lovers.
  • Warner Bros. It’s where they can take a behind-the-scenes tour of a working movie studio. There are also plenty of thrill rides and live entertainment shows on offer.
  • Sea World. Get up close and personal with aquatic creatures at Sea World-like penguins and dolphins. There are also plenty of rides and shows to keep the whole family entertained.
  • Paradise Country Farmstay. Experience Australian farm life with a stay on a working farm.

So whatever your interests are, you’re likely to get something to enjoy if you invest in the Gold Coast.

3. The weather

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s popular holiday destinations. With its sunny weather, beautiful beaches and exciting attractions, it’s no wonder that millions of people flock to the area every year.

4. The population

The population is growing rapidly on the gold coast, which is great news for property investors. This means it has high rental yields as more people move to the area. Additionally, making it a median and prime location for property investment.

5. Prices will continue to rise

With the population growth and high demand for property, prices are expected to rise significantly in the next few years. This makes investing now a great way to secure your future financial success.

6. Robust economic growth

There are plenty of job opportunities, making it an ideal place to live and work.

However, if you invest in property, be sure to consult with a qualified professional who can provide guidance. Plus, advice based on the best Gold Coast property market.

7. Transport infrastructure and schools

The transport infrastructure includes the Gold Coast Highway, connecting the city to Brisbane. Plus, the Gold Coast light rail offers transport to different areas.

Additionally, this is home to a number of highly-rated schools.

8. Wide range of housing options

From high-rise apartments to detached houses, there is something for everyone in this vibrant community. And with so many different types of properties available, it’s easy to find the perfect place to call home.

Tips to Find Property Advisor on the Gold Coast

Here’s how to find property advisors to help you in your investment strategy:

  • Try searching online. Check online reviews and speak to other clients to get an idea of their level of service and satisfaction.
  • Ask family and friends. You can ask them if they know of any good property advisors in the area. If they have had positive experiences with an advisor in the past, they should be able to recommend them to you.
  • Attend local events. This includes such as open days or seminars where property advisors will often be in attendance. This is the best opportunity to meet them and get an idea of the Gold Coast apartment market or even house units.

With these helpful tips in mind, you are sure to find a reputable property advisor in this area with ease.

Wrap Up

The Gold Coast region is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations in Australia.

Here’s the Gold Coast property market that will offer you stability if you want to invest. With its booming economy and various reasons, it is time to invest in this slice of paradise.

Start your search for the perfect investment property on the Gold Coast.

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Junior ISA: a Savings Account for Underage Children Individual Savings Accounts, which can also be called ISAs, are really well-liked savings account which today represent a whole new way to save or invest money, according to one’s needs and preferences. As a matter of fact, all UK residents are eligible to open an ISA. UK citizens can choose between a great variety of different accounts, each and every one designed to meet the needs of certain categories of people. For this reason, the UK government has created a special Individual Savings Account specifically designed to save money for underaged people. Like any other ISA, Junior ISA (which can also be called JISA) will give you the chance to save or invest money for your underage children and in a tax-efficient way. As a matter of fact, this means that all the money you’ll save for your children will be protected from UK tax. In the United Kingdom you have a wide choice when it comes to save money for your son or daughter. You also have the chance to invest your money in premium bonds for children.

What is a Junior ISA and how it works

The UK government has given his citizens a new way to save money for their underage children and in a tax efficient way- This particular kind of account is called Junior ISA, a savings account which can be opened by a parent or by a legal guardian for their children under the age of 18. Being this account completely tax free, you’ll be able to put money aside without ever paying any tax on it. You can also decide to invest your capital in order to give it the chance to grow in time while never paying any tax on it. Just remember that, just like any other kind of investments, your money will have a chance to grow but might also go down.
Moreover, just like any other type of ISA, the JISA comes with a restriction on the amount of money you can deposit in a year. The annual ISA allowance for a Junior ISA is currently up to £9.000 and you can deposit a minimum amount of £25 per month. As previously mention, the money can be added by parents or legal guardians. Another thing to know about the JISAs is that other family members and friends can contribute to your children’s future too by depositing how much they want. When he turns 18, your children will have free access to their savings and will be able to use the money however they want.

How many types of JISAS are there?

Junior ISA come in two different types, which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of as many people as possible. The first one is the Cash Junior ISA, which is like a regular savings account designed for underage children. It can be opened by a parent or by a legal guardian to save money for their children’s future in a tax efficient way. There’s also the Stocks and Shares Junior ISA, which nowadays is growing in popularity. Like previously mentioned, this kind of account will let you invest your money instead of just saving it. This way, you’ll give your savings the chance to grow. When opening a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA, you should never forget about the risks that come with any kind of investment. However, whichever type of JISA you decide to open, your children will be able to control the account at 16 and to withdraw their money as soon as they turn 18.

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3 Benefits of Hiring Safety Consultants in Your Work Environment

Productivity in the workspace is a function of so many things. One of such things is safety. This is because a lot can get lost when accidents happen in these places.

This is why business owners, employees, and even clients should be committed to safety in these places. One of the appropriate steps that should be taken is working with an expert or consultant that can help in this regard.

However, you need to make sure the professional can offer the best. One of the factors you should consider while selecting is certification. You should know right away that some certifications do not hold water.

So, make sure you are dealing with a consultant that is certified by a trustworthy and reputable body. This is just one factor to consider as there are others. For more on this subject, you can read this.

Having established this, you should know that there are many benefits attached to hiring a safety consultant. You need to know this as some people think hiring these professionals is a waste of money.

Many of such people eventually turn to these professionals. However, this happens after they have lost a lot because of unsafe practices. So, it is better you make hay while the sun is still shining. We will help you see reasons as we discuss some 3 benefits of hiring these safety consultants.

Who Are Safety Consultants?

These are professionals that are specially trained to help businesses and even residential places engage in safe practices. The intent is to avoid any form of accidents and hazards. These professionals are trained to identify threats to safety in their client’s environment and suggest how to eliminate these safety threats.

Although it is better to engage them as a preventive measure against accidents and hazards, they could also be helpful after a hazard or accident has happened. They help investigate the cause and suggest how to avoid a repeat of the incident and similar occurrences.

Why Should You Hire a Safety Consultant in Your Work Environment?

Some of the reasons why hiring these professionals is ideal especially in the workplace includes the following:

Employee Motivation

More often than not, employees become more productive when incentives are involved. Well, you should understand that a safe workspace is one of the best incentives you can give an employee.

This is because these workers will be motivated to perform better in such an environment. So, this is one of the reasons you should not trivialize working with these professionals.

And just so you know, these professionals do not only make the workstation safe enough for your employees. They also orientate them on how to carry out their task in a safe way.

We should also add that you need to know the portfolio of your consultant before engaging them. You should make sure they have experience and a good track record working with clients in your kind of industry. This is so that you are certain they can offer the best service as this is essential.

Client’s Respect and Patronage

Clients are more observant than you think. They see things you sometimes do not know and make decisions based on that. This is especially the case in certain industries.

For instance, we have gathered that clients of service providers in the construction, machine maintenance, and some other highly technical sectors are concerned about workplace safety. So, it is not just about getting the job done for them.

They want to know your safety score as rated by regulatory bodies. This is why you also need to understand how this rating is done. For more information about this, you can see:

Many of these clients will not entrust you with certain jobs if you are not great in this aspect. This is why you should be committed to investing in the safety of your work environment.

Cost-Effective Approach

It is quite an irony that some employers steer clear of hiring these professionals because they consider it an expensive thing to do. Some of them think hiring these consultants is a luxury that they cannot afford.

Well, we should start from the last thought process. First, hiring them is not a luxury but a necessity. This is because the safety of your workers, clients, projects, and yourself is a necessity.

Having established this, you should know that working with a capable consultancy service turns out to be a cost-effective approach. This is because of how much you would have saved because of the loss you will not experience. The truth is that it is an investment and should be seen in that light.

Also, working with safety consultants would positively affect the dealings you have with your insurance company. All things being equal, the charges by your insurer will not be so much because they are certain you are committed to avoiding hazards and accidents. The insurer will not consider your business as a liability.

Wrap Up

Safety is a necessity for all. This is why we all need to be willing to invest in things that help us live and work safely. Working with these professionals is one of the necessary investments that should be made.

This is especially because of the benefits attached to working with them. We have gone over 3 of the benefits here and hope that you make informed decisions going forward.

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Four Types of Investment Property Loans

Are you looking forward to becoming a real estate investor? The possibility of earning passive income has become appealing to many individuals. Nevertheless, such investments require substantial capital that aspiring investors lack.

Having no capital isn’t supposed to impede you from your investment goal, as banks and finance companies provide a variety of loan products for real estate investing. Selecting the right type of loan is crucial for the success of the investment. Borrowers can apply for different types of credits, ranging from a conventional mortgage to fix-and-flip loans.

Learn more about each type in detail.

Conventional mortgage

Conventional mortgage loans are the most common form of financing real estate investments. These credits are provided by banks after evaluating the credit score and history of applicants. In order to be more secure in the intentions of property investors, lenders require them to pay as many as twenty percent of the real estate price as a deposit. Nevertheless, the requirements related to conventional mortgages differ across states. Visit this site to check out the best investment property loans for 2021.

In addition, applicants are considered eligible for a conventional mortgage only if their credit score is at least 620. Those investors hoping for favourable interest rates are expected to have an even higher score of 740. Despite having a solid credit score, capitalists are supposed to prove they are financially capable of covering the expenses for their monthly mortgage payments.

For this purpose, the largest part of lenders obliges property investors to show proof of having enough finances to cover the payments for the upcoming six months. Prior to filing an application for a conventional mortgage, make sure to check the state requirements related to real estate investments.

Hard money loans

Hard money loans are much different from conventional mortgages, as the former are provided by professionals and companies offering funds for real estate investments. These are much quicker to receive, as moneylenders aren’t interested in the credit scores of real estate investors. In contrast, they are focused on the value of properties capitalists chose to invest in.

Another aspect to bear in mind is the short-term nature of hard money loans. Nowadays, there are numerous finance companies, like, offering an extensive range of loan products to aspiring real estate investors. Hard money loans are supposed to be paid off within a period of thirty-six months, at the latest. Additionally, the interest rates of these credits are much higher when compared to the rates of conventional mortgages, for up to ten percent.

Given the short payback period and high-interest rates, hard money loans aren’t the best alternative for investing in all kinds of properties. This type of financing is most suitable for investors planning to invest in low-cost properties, which undergo renovation before being sold for a higher price within the payback period.

It’s paramount for capitalists to evaluate the ARV (after repair value) of real estate before filing an application. In case the property has no potential of becoming profitable after the renovation, there is no point in making such an investment. This is the least favourable alternative for capitalists interested in long-term real estate investments since the profit cannot be generated until the end of the payback period.

Private money loans

Unlike hard money lenders, private money lenders aren’t professionals but members of one’s personal network. Consequently, a private money lender might be any family member, friend, or colleague willing enough to invest its funds in the hope of a good ROI.

Furthermore, private money loans are an ideal alternative for aspiring property investors whose applications got rejected by banks due to a bad credit score. These lenders neither require piles of paperwork nor impose special requirements to borrowers. The interest rates are quite low, whereas the payback period flexible.

Nevertheless, getting such credit doesn’t mean becoming too flexible when it comes to the terms. Keep in mind that failing to pay off the money within the agreed period will result in foreclosure. The lender has a right to foreclose the property the borrower invested in if the latter isn’t capable of paying his/her debt.

Fix-and-flip loans

Fix-and-flip loans are the best decision for real estate investors not interested in long-term investments. Many capitalists are reluctant to invest in rental property due to the risk of coping with bad lessees. Hence, those interested in short-term investments should consider flip-and-fix credits. Similar to hard money credits, the approved funds enable capitalists to purchase cheap properties, remodel them, and sell them at a higher price.

As far as eligibility is concerned, lenders are less strict in their requirements in comparison with conventional mortgages. Apart from checking the FICO score of applicants, moneylenders pay closer attention to how profitable the income property will be. The after repair value is considered most important when deciding whether to apply for such a credit.

On the negative side, the interest rates of fix-and-flip loans are incredibly high, up to eighteen percent. Borrowers have an extremely short payback period of almost a year to pay the money off. Additionally, the closing costs tend to be higher as well. Go here to learn some practical tips about calculating closing costs.

The bottom line

Becoming a real estate investor requires a lot of planning and making wise decisions.

Don’t rush when considering your options in order not to face financial losses!

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How large companies help employees with childcare and distance learning One of the adverse effects of the novel Covid-19 is the lockdown rule that was put in place by the government, which restricts children within a certain age from going to public places like school, church etc.

This is a great challenge for millions of parents, especially mothers worldwide, as they have to deal with childcare. Reasonably, many mothers are leaving their jobs to cater to the wellbeing of their little children. This and many more reasons are what birth companies that do remote learning and childcare schemes for working parents. With this, parents can concentrate at work and leave the wellbeing of their little ones to the hands-on childcare systems.

One of the notable companies that are into childcare is Cleo, a family benefits platform. In a statement by the CEO, Serahjane Sacchetti, COVID-19 has hastened the call for programs that help parents go to work without them worrying about their children. More companies are recognizing the work conflicts of their employees, so much attention is given to family benefits. Companies want their employees to be engaged and productive in the workplace and have peace of mind knowing that everything is alright at home.  

Meanwhile, one of the downsides of these programs is that it doesn't have solutions to the needs of different categories of kids. What a grade school child needs differs from what a toddler needs. Regardless, numerous effective programs are effective which working parents can benefit from.

Financial Aid

The family has to provide for the expenses for taking care of their children. Schools have reviewed their method, and many schools are going into distance learning. This will also increase the expenses of the family on each child. Also, it will demand that new sophisticated gadgets are gotten for each child to facilitate their learning and care while their parents are away at work.

Due to all these increased expenses, different companies are extending financial aids to parents to help them meet the educational and care demand of their children. For instance, 75 to 100 dollars is being decompensated by Bank of America for child care support. This depends on the annual payment of the parents. Also, workers whose children are less than 12-year-old are given a choice to select the preferred childcare they want for their children. Online loans can be sent to you anywhere as long as you are a Philippines citizen above 21 years. Also, you will have to submit all information that is required for the utang online application.

Extra Parental Paid Leave

What some companies do is to grant working parents more paid leave for them to have enough time to take care of their kids. Microsoft, for instance, gave about 12 weeks of paid parental leave to working parents earlier this year.

Google company also extended the longevity of family leaves to 14 weeks in April. This was during the heat of the pandemic. It gave parents time to look after their family.

Occupy Kids with Educative Activities

Taking care of kids, especially toddlers, demands more effort and attention. This makes it quite difficult for working parents to take care of their kids and work simultaneously. That is why some companies came up with software filled with activities to get kids occupied. A software developer named Globant developed software that gets children busy by providing virtual activities. Outside professionals supervise this program through their Future of Organizations department.

Some of the educative activities include magic shows, art classes, and so on. It also allows parents to plan activities for their children even while they are away.

Favorable Working Condition

It is challenging for working parents to keep up with their jobs, taking care of their children, and doing house chores. That is why some companies strategize in designing a more flexible work schedule for working parents. Paylocity, for instance, each working parent gets a schedule that fits their work-life demand. They get work done conveniently while still adhering to the company rules and regulations.     

With this, parents can take split schedules, which enable them to take long breaks in the day and return to work in the evening. This time, all their jobs will be done online. Some get to work for 10hours every day, just for 4days a week. Although this attracts a lesser pay, it still gives them time to look after their family. Meanwhile, Paylocity gives its workers more Paid Time Off leaves (PTO) and sick leaves for more work flexibility.

Expanding childcare

Toyota has also been alleviating its workers' stress by surveying to ascertain the problem of working parents and the best way to help them. Its workers in the manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, expressed complaints about their children’s virtual learning and how they will help their children if they were at work.

In response to this, the company launched an on-site program for children in kindergarten to fifth grade to help with their virtual classes. Each center is provided with supervisors to assist the children in distance learning, doing homework, and other educative activities.

However, this doesn't come for free as parents would have to pay 150 to 170 dollars per week for the program.

Discuss Childcare 

Discussing childcare in the workplace used to be unprofessional. However, with the recent happenings worldwide, it has become an important topic for discourse even in workplaces. Virtually all parents are facing one problem or another about online learning.

During Cleo's online meeting, no fewer than five babies show on the screens.

To assist working parents, they gave room for their employees to discuss their parental challenges. There is a slack communication channel created to that effect. This allows parents to share ideas and voice their frustrations about online learning.

Parents must give maximum support to their children's schooling; it is also important that they keep their jobs, and their source of income won't be abated. They must do everything to stay in service, not even now that the pandemic has rendered many people jobless. This happened everywhere, even in the Philippines. There are times that funds will be needed to sort urgent bills or purchase some gadgets for their children's online learning. Emergency loan online in the Philippines could save the day. 

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What Can I Use A Business Loan For? It is of no surprise that nowadays in our society, talking about debt is considered no less than a bad thing. Debt is a very misunderstood factor amongst people nowadays. One of the first assumptions that strike our mind when we hear about the word debt is to judge that the person must be struggling. Of course, this is the case in most cases but this doesn’t mean that it applies to all of them. There are different circumstances too which should be kept in mind. Cash flow is one of the biggest problems while establishing a business and one can always opt for a business loan and be in debt. This is always a smart choice but some people might struggle while finalizing the final idea for their business. Even after gaining a business loan, they have no single idea which business they will opt for. If you were amongst those persons, then there is nothing to worry about as this article as luckily you have landed on the right page and this article has got you covered. This article will guide you through where you can use business loans on.

Purchasing Inventory

It has been seen that 31 percent of the businesses loan go towards purchasing inventory. If retailers were concerned, the number was way higher than this reaching up to 60 percent using their loan this way. Using the capital to purchase the inventory is one of the most smartest and intelligent ways to manage replenish stock, seasonal dips, or even try new products.

Purchasing Equipment

For starting almost any business, you would surely need a few types of equipment to function. Many businesses opt for loans specifically to fund these heavy machinery and equipment. Buying equipment is not a piece of cake and it can be costly most of the time, due to which taking a loan makes the whole process much smoother. It has been seen that around 30 percent of the businesses use business loans this way.

Refinancing Or Paying Other Debts

One of the smartest approaches is to consolidate the debt in order to use small business financing. It has been estimated that around 9 percent of the recipients you’re their advance to pay down all the other debt pending or to help refinance. This makes them feel relief and ease the burden on their shoulder which makes them help in focusing on the business more than ever.

Business Loans For Marketing

One should not forget that for any business, marketing is the main factor that distinguishes a successful business from a failed one. To grow your business, it is important for you to market your business intelligently so that new customers can be attracted and your business can grow. Money invested in marketing never goes in vain and is seen in some way or the other. This is the reason why it is seen that around 6 percent of the people who opt for business loans prefer to invest in marketing.

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The Pros and Cons of Investing in Penny Stocks

Penny stocks or cent stocks are typically defined as shares of a public company that are usually traded for less than $5 a share. Wise investors know that penny stocks are a high risk, but have the potential for a big return. While most financial advisors recommend that people don’t invest in penny stocks, it might be wise to incorporate penny stocks into your overall portfolio. However it is important to know the pros and cons of investing in penny stocks before you invest your first dollar, or two.

Pros of Penny Stocks:

High growth rate potential:

Once of the biggest reasons that investors like to invest in penny stocks is because they have a very high growth rate potential. For instance, if you invest a lot of money and acquire a lot of cent stock, if that company suddenly grows or the stock rises significantly, you can stand to make a huge amount of money.

Diversify with very little money:

Penny stocks are also great for first time investors because they have the potential to set their budget and invest in a number of different companies for very little money. This is a great way to get a feel of the market place and how the stock market works. If you find that penny stocks work for you, as a new investor, you might want to diversify and try your hand in other types of stocks as well.

Cons of Penny Stocks:

Extremely unstable:

One of the biggest disadvantages of penny stocks is that they are extremely unstable. One day you can buy your stocks at a very low price and the next day its high, but the day after that it can dip again. Due to the risk involved it is difficult to make a significant return unless you play with the right chips. Penny stocks are inherently a dangerous gamble and it is possible to lose a lot of money.

Susceptible to shady investment practices:

Penny stocks are also susceptible to legal, but shady investment practices where traders will buy a lot of trades in a company just to make its numbers rise. If you hold a lot of penny stock, you might be duped into thinking the market is on an upswing, when it’s really just a bunch of day traders bending the rules in their favor.


At the end of the day, financial analysts say that you shouldn’t stay away from penny stocks all together. There is a potential to make a lot of money, but you have to play your cards right. And not putting your cards on the table could make you lose more than if you hadn’t started playing to begin with. In general, you should always do research on the company you’re investing in. Out of all the penny stock tips, doing your due diligence is the best way to gain an advantage and make investing in penny stocks work for you. While penny stocks are a dangerous gamble, investing in them will greatly increase your feel for the stock market, giving you an invaluable intuition to be smart with your money, and increase your odds of making a large return.

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A Wise Funeral Investment

A lot of people are frightened and anxious when it comes to talking about deaths and funerals. It is quite understandable because after all, it is not entirely a light topic to just bring up casually. However, it does not make it okay to push the topic at the far end of your mind and list of priorities. If you do, you might just have a tendency to make terrible financial decisions in your life. Those decisions may, later on, affect your family and give them stress after you are gone. You might be thinking right now, how are funerals related to your finances? It is quite a great connection actually, as funerals are really costing more and more each passing year. With the average funeral cost in the United Kingdom already rising to £4,417 in the past year, it is no wonder why prepaid funeral plans have become a financial investment for others. Understanding the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan might just help you make up your mind about it and give you a better grasp of your finances while you are still strong and able to earn for yourself.

A Thoughtful Decision

Getting a prepaid funeral might be one of the best decisions you could ever make not only for yourself but as well as for your family. The financial aspect of it all is not the only factor that makes it one of the best decisions ever, but it sure is one of the greatest factors. When you arrange for a prepaid funeral plan, you would already choose the necessities and requirements you would want to have in your own funeral. Meaning to say, you would already remove the burden of making hard decisions and thinking about what you want for your bereaved loved ones when you pass on. They would be allowed to grieve in their own way because a funeral director would be in charge of making all of the necessary arrangements for the funeral. Most importantly, your family would no longer need to come up with money to pay for any sort of expenses because it would have been covered with your prepaid funeral plan.

Taking Advantage of Low Prices

Considering that funeral costs these days are already at an all-time high compared to the past couple of years, or even decades, it would still be one of the lowest you would ever experience it to be in the next years and decades to come once you would already need to spend for an actual funeral. When you get one of Stibbards and Sons’ funeral plans, you can pay for a funeral at a very minimal cost because of their different and affordable plans you could choose from. You could get one for as low as £2,899 for a simple funeral, or add a little for more services at £3,349. There are also plans with more special inclusions but you have to pay more for it as it costs £4,144, or have a bespoke funeral tailored to your preferences which starts at £4,599. If and when you avail of one of their plans, your money would be invested and placed in a trust with The Golden Charter Trust, so that when the time that you would already use it, it could cover all of the funeral costs and expenses that would fit your chosen plan. At the end of the day, there are no additional costs your family members would need to pay for.

Convenience and Ease

The beauty with prepaid funeral plans is that should there be a loved one in your family that passes away unexpectedly, you would be able to transfer your plan for him or her to use. If your family is not in a very good financial place during such an untimely passing, it would be a great benefit for you to have because you would no longer need to scrummage through different means and channels of gathering enough money to pay for your deceased loved one’s funeral expenses. Not only that, but getting the services of the best in the United Kingdom, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands with Stibbards and Sons’ highly able and professional funeral directors to help you with the whole process every step of the way. Losing someone you love may be hard, but it should not be harder than it already is because of funeral dilemmas and costs. With Stibbards and Sons, you get all the help you need.

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A High Yielding Investment

A high yielding investment is definitely a dream come true for those who want to grow their savings. But the sad reality is, not everyone who is willing to invest would be able to attain such a goal at the end of their investment period. In fact, there will even be some people who would sadly and unfortunately, lost part of their investment along the way. That is why in a lot of cases, people are just hoping that they somehow get a tiny amount of interest earned on top of their investment, or at the very least, get it back in full should things go south. But if you get the opportunity to know what the best way to invest money is so that you would be able to get high yields, why wouldn’t you want it? It may not be the most conventional way of investing your money. Still, if it would guarantee you great returns for your hard-earned money without having to compromising great risk in the process, it is most definitely worth something considering. Buy to let cars it a generally new concept when it comes to investments, but it is an investment opportunity that is showing great potential the past couple of years.

What is Buy to Let?

Buy to let investments are not a very new concept because a lot of people have already been doing it, but the difference is that it is a more properly known investment channel dealing with properties. With buy to let properties, the investor would buy a property – whether houses, flats, apartments and let them out to residents to generate profit through the rent their tenants pay. However, investing in the property market requires a lot of effort, time and energy. This is where the difference lies and greatly matters when comparing buy to let properties to cars. An investment with Buy2LetCars means that you are investing in a totally hands-off investment. You would just simply invest enough capital for a car purchase so that would generate a yield with added interest.

How Do You Earn?

Buy2Let Cars is partnered with Wheels4Sure when it comes to leasing out the cars gained from investors through the buy to let platform. With Buy2Let Cars, you could already invest in a single-car unit for only £14,000, but you could also be able to have minimal earnings with their minimum investment amount of £7,000. Investments can earn on average between 7-11% annually, depending on how much the initial investment amount is. Your investment will have a tie-up period of 3 years, which is also the typical time a car is leased out through Wheels4Sure. There will no longer be any other expenses for you to pay for all throughout the 3-year period. You would not even have to worry about any car insurance and maintenance expenses, as it would already be covered by Wheels4Sure every time they lease out the cars. You have nothing to do but sit back, relax, watch your money grow, and simply wait for your earnings in your bank account each month.

When Do You Get Paid?

With an investment with Buy2Let Cars, you would be able to enjoy better financial management and freedom compared to other investments because your money would not be locked up for the whole of the investment period. Unlike other investment channels wherein you would have to wait for the whole investment period to lapse before you get your money back along with the interest earned, or even amount lost sometimes, Buy2LetCars would pay you on a monthly basis for 36 months. Each month for 3 years, payments will be deposited to your bank account until your initial invested capital is paid back. On the 37th month, a lump sum would be given to you, which includes the final payment back for your capital, plus the interest your money has earned through the investment. For example, if you would invest in one car unit at £14,000, you would receive 36 monthly payments of £250 straight to your bank account without having to do anything. On the final 37th month, you would receive a gross final payment of £8,080, giving you a total gross gain of £3,079.72 or a 9% interest rate of return per annum. While you receive your monthly payments, you would already be able to further increase the value of your money by investing it in other channels, or simply by using it when emergency calls for it. It's a high yielding, hands-off, and simple investment straight to your bank account – isn’t it something you would want to get your hands on?

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Real Estate Investments in 2020 – Trends and Tips We’re close to the end of 2019, a year that proved to be very fruitful for real estate investments, although geopolitics at a global scale had been deteriorating. It’s a good time to start and reflect on what 2020 might bring and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Together we’ll look at both
emerging and developed economies and see what the experts are saying.

Emerging Economies

Whether we like it or not, emerging economies will continue to be the growth engine for the global economy and because of that plenty of real estate opportunities could arise. There had been increasing investments in Africa and South Africa continues to be one of the most important destinations.

“The year 2020 could be one favorable for ZA investments, especially if we think about logistics
, says Ofir Eyal Bar, a real estate investor that is active on these markets, "This is a trend that continues as the economy continues to expand and more foreign
companies are attracted by the local potential”. 

It seems like South Africa will continue to be one of the safest places for real estate investors, given the developed regulatory framework and the continued urbanization trend. However, other African nations are interested to attract foreigners, but especially in the north, there’s still unpredictability in terms of politics and regulation.

"This potential goes also beyond the south-African market", says Ofir Eyal Bar, "Brazil, China and India, as well as other emerging economies, are expected to show real estate potential in 2020, especially if favorable conditions will keep being supportive".

The debate is complex on whether the global economy will slow abruptly next year and that mainly has to do with the tensions between the United States and China.

Developed Economies

Moving towards the developed economies, we must talk first about Japan, which is where the Olympics will take place. Because of such a big event taking place in the country, the real estate industry should be extremely active by the summer of 2020 and that’s an encouraging sign for investors.

Other than that, we must also take into account that the BOJ (Bank of Japan) continues with a negative-rate policy and that kept home loans affordable. According to

“A 10-year fixed-rate mortgage currently clocks in at around 0.65%, with Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank offering one of the lowest rates available, starting from 0.53%. This has stimulated the Tokyo property market, with prices in large cities finally nearing pre-bubble era territory again. In 2018, residential land prices in the greater Tokyo area rose by 1.3%.”

Europe could be another place where major real estate deals could take place in 2020. Even though The United Kingdom is overshadowed by the Brexit uncertainty, we could easily find plenty of major deals in the real estate investors in 2019 and that could continue in the year ahead. Germany, France, and The Netherlands, especially if we talk about less-developed areas, could be attractive places where big companies will search for new buildings to expand their activity.

Negative factors to take into account

As with any other industry, real estate investors must put both the potential rewards and risks in the balance in order to asses where the best opportunity is located. If there’s one word describing 2020 that’s “uncertainty”. We already see that major companies around the world are reluctant to boost investments and that has to do with a series of factors.

On one hand, we have technological development reaching a new stage with 5G. It is expected to disrupt many industries and until more clarity will be in sight, investors will hold on their pockets.

Second of all, we must acknowledge that there are growing frictions inside and between nations. The US-China trade war continues to be one of the main highlights, but Japan-South Korea, India-Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia-Iran should not be ignored. Political instability does not provide incentives for investors to continue to expand their activity and if things won’t settle, we could see geopolitics starting to drag more on real estate.

Thirdly, we must talk about the short-term debt cycle, or the traditional business cycle, as most of the people call it. It’s been more than 10 years since the last economic setback and looking at history we can see these periods come from time to time. With monetary policy very accommodative around the world, the economy could get enough stimulation, but this won’t be the main driver.


We can conclude that 2020 will be a year with great opportunities for real estate investors, but also one that will raise many questions when it comes to geopolitics. However, 2019 had been fruitful despite some major problems and if mutually beneficial solutions can be reached, we should continue to see the same positive trend in real estate next year, as well.

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Investing for Beginners

Investing money is not an easy decision to make, and returns don't come to you overnight. There are different investment channels and opportunities you can consider and choose, but with each one of them, there is no 100% guarantee that you would make your money back. There is always some risk involved in investing your money; you just have to figure out which channel is worth your time, money, and trust. If you are a beginner or just looking to explore the possibilities of investing your money, it's extremely important that you don't rush any decision due to the associated risks that come with investing your money. When you do not know what to do and where to invest your money, it's always a good idea to seek independent financial advice, so you know you're making the right decision. 

Existing Market

There is no doubt that there is an existing market for car ownership and leasing in the United Kingdom with 85% of people who prefer using a car to travel. When you look at the data of newly purchased cars in the UK, it shows that 80% of it comes from people who purchased their cars through finance companies or banks with loans. However, for people who have a bad credit rating, which is the majority of the population, because of specific reasons such as missing repayments on loans, credit card bills, mortgages, and more, it can be harder to secure car loans. Or if ever you do, you would be faced with really high-interest rates with poor payment terms. That is why car ownership isn't really viable for people with bad credit ratings. Which in reality, would be more affordable and easier to pay off on a month to month basis than through paying off an entire loan.

Car Leasing Partnership

When you invest your money with Buy2LetCars, you would, in essence, be lending your money to them so that they could use it to purchase a brand new car which they would use to lease out through their partner company, Wheels4Sure. Your investment will be for a period of three years, which is also equivalent to a car leasing term for drivers who suffer from bad credit ratings. There is no reason to worry because Wheels4Sure screens all of their applications and make sure that all of the drivers who get approved for a lease are able to afford the monthly payments they would have to pay. Drivers make a monthly payment for their lease so in turn, as an investor in Buy2LetCars, you would also enjoy a monthly stipend through your bank account for 36 months.

Investment Terms 

For the amount that you would be receiving for a period of 36 months, all of the payments are just to return or pay off your capital back, so it does not bear any added interest. After the 3-year period, on the 37th month as an investor, you will receive and enjoy a lump sum payment from Buy2LetCars where you would be able to get the full return value of your investment. With Buy2LetCars, the smallest amount you can invest is £7,000, with a single car unit costing £14,000. For a minimum investment within a 3-year period, you would be able to receive an amount of £164.69 in your bank account for a total of 36 months. With an interest rate of return of 7% per annum, you would be able to enjoy a gross final payment of £2,054 on the 37th month, giving you a total gross gain amounting to £983.23. It is not a bad amount of money at all, considering that you're not required to lift a single finger or make any sort of decisions throughout the lease period. Imagine if you have a whole lump sum amount of money you could invest? The maximum investment of £280,000 would give you 20 car units, an interest rate of return of 11% per annum, and a total gross gain of £75,795.34 in just 3 years without doing anything but just to waiting for your income to arrive in your bank account each month.

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Best Forex Trading Platforms for Beginners If you’re new to Forex and are currently in the hunt for a platform that gets the job done simply, it’s important to know about the top choices for beginners. Even if you have already chosen a broker and set up an account, there’s still plenty of time to check out what’s available. The good news is that often brokers provide multiple platform options, so you’re not necessarily tied to a single method.

Remember that in some cases, a broker might have its own proprietary trading platform, or will offer a stand-alone version not tied to its own firm. Always seek a stable, user-friendly site that lets you check out all the bells and whistles of whatever platform it uses. There’s really no way to know what it’s like to trade with a particular broker until you do a test run like that.

When you try a few practice runs on a trading simulator, check to see if there’s any type of up-to-the-minute news feed, tools for charting, technical analysis features and any other data you’ll need to make fast trades. Another warning is to be aware that in the world of Forex, you will often hear the terms broker and platform used interchangeably. That’s because so many brokers have their own built-in systems for executing trades. Others let account holders choose from among three or four of the best systems.

Know the facts before you decide. Here’s a quick look at key points you must know before getting into the market with your own money:

There are 3 Kinds of Platforms

No matter what your preferences are, there will be a system that is either web-based, stand-alone or mobile-friendly. Some sites will offer you just one or two of the trio of choices, while others will let you take your pick from all three. It’s a nice benefit if your broker offers all three ways. That means you’ll have the convenience of opting for on-the-go apps, web-based functionality when you want it, or a stand-alone program that offers power and lots of extras.

The Good and Bad of Stand-Alone Trading Systems

The dominant players in the stand-alone market have everything a beginner might need, like detailed price quotes, watch lists that can be constructed according to your personal preference, in-depth research reports, comprehensive news feeds and nearly endless varieties of price charting capability.

Pros and Cons of Web-Based Approaches

If you don’t want to use the stand-alone resource, or if your dealer doesn’t offer it, consider using one of the web-based platforms. Most of these are tailor made for the specific brokerage website. They sometimes have less functionality than stand-alone options but are sufficient if you are okay getting your news and research somewhere else.

Mobile Apps for Forex Trading

If you want one-click buying and selling when you’re not near a computer, mobile apps are ideal ways to trade when no other methods are available. You’ll get no bells or whistles but will enjoy fast executions, super-convenient order placement and the ability to catch great trades any time of the day or night.

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Traditional vs Alternative Investments: What Are the Differences?

Long gone are the days where the only way you could invest was through the stock exchange. There are now far more ways to potentially grow your money; known as alternative investments. Some people argue that alternative investments are the only way to go nowadays. Whereas others believe traditional investments are the best. We take a look at the differences between traditional investments and alternative investments, to see which is better.


Before we look at the key differences, let’s take a look at the standard definitions of these investing options.

  • Traditional Investment: Essentially, this is where you invest your money into assets that are well-known. There are three types of traditional investments cash, stocks and bonds.

  • Alternative Investment: If you are not investing in cash, stocks or bonds, you are making an alternative investment. This could include real estate, commodities and hedge funds. There are many more alternative investments, also.


One of the key differences between traditional and alternative investments is the liquidity. Assets put into traditional investments tend to be easily accessible at any time, by the investor. Usually, you would be able to cash in your bonds or stocks when you need to. Alternative investments tend to be illiquid, however. This means you are not able to liquidate an asset in order to get some quick cash. If you were to purchase a house, for example, that house would need to be sold before you could access the funds.


There are some distinct differences about the kind of support you’ll find for each investment option. Traditional investors tend to remain quite tight-lipped about their trading secrets. You can fork out for a financial advisor, but they could cost more than you’re willing to invest. Trying to navigate the stock market can seem almost impossible. When it comes to alternative investments, you’ll find there are far more people who will provide support. There are many financial sites provide open and honest information for new investors. This will certainly come in handy as you learn the ropes.

Return on Investment:

This is quite possibly the most important thing any new investor wants to know. What is the difference between return on investment? Alternative investments tend to provide a greater return, even when the market is tough. During the 2008 financial crisis, alternative investment options held their own, predominately. Traditional investments didn’t do so well. Alternative investments tend to need higher minimum amounts, which is the only drawback when it comes to new investors. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest, then you could be waiting a while for big returns. Traditional investments require smaller minimums, but also have a lower return on investment.

As you can see, there are some big differences between the two. However, there is no real way to decide which is best. It all depends on how you want to invest and what option appeals to you more. Perhaps the sensible way forward is to diversify your trading portfolio; a little bit of both traditional and alternative.


We took a look at the differences between traditional investments and alternative investments to see which one is better. Hopefully this article will help you make better investment decisions.

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What Types of Cryptocurrencies Can You Trade with Atecs Capital? There’s no doubt that Atecs Capital is currently one of the crypto-related brokers that’s expanding at a fast pace and because of, a different kind of review should be necessary. We would like to focus on the main types of cryptocurrencies that are currently available for trading as well as how usual traders, like ourselves, can trade them effectively.

Since there’s no way to cover all aspects that must be taken into account when trading a particular cryptocurrency, make sure to conduct a deeper analysis on the subject, by searching for other related material as well.

Payment cryptocurrencies

The Atecs Capital crypto currencies offer includes the popular so-called “payment cryptocurrencies” that are designed to function as an alternative to fiat money. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash are just a few of the examples and are all available with this broker. Both fiat and cross-crypto pairs could be traded. Since we’re talking about the most liquid cryptocurrencies, technical strategies tend to work well. Support/resistance levels, price indicators, chart formations, and others are currently used by cryptocurrency traders.

Blockchain economies

Ether, EOS, Neo, Tron, and Ethereum Classic are some of the blockchain economies cryptocurrencies currently available at Atecs Capital. Liquidity is smaller in this case, which could make technical strategies perform worse on smaller time frames. Most of the professional traders choose to have a long-term view on blockchain economies, given that their applications expand way beyond payments. That also means that, as a trader, you will need to constantly monitor the news, to see what tokens come with the best innovation and whether that will have a meaningful impact on the price.

Privacy tokens

ZCash and Monero are two of the most important privacy tokens and with Atecs Capital both are available in fiat or cross cryptocurrency pairs. This is a more sensitive type of cryptocurrencies, given that regulatory uncertainty is at its peak again.

Luckily, in this case, you’ll be dealing with CFDs and not holding the underlying asset could be an advantage. Still, these cryptocurrencies are volatile and that means potential to generate returns. Both ZCash and Monero had been under pressure since the summer when the bullish momentum had started to fade.

Bear in mind that there’s a lot of controversy surrounding these tokens and you will easily notice a lot of price sensitivity when news about regulation flood the market as they will be the most impacted in case we’ll finally have laws that govern digital assets.

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Should You Still Invest in Overseas Real Estate? Investing in overseas real estate is a good idea in the majority of cases. Investing in real estate is like this by default, but by buying property overseas you can get some extra benefits, for example, win on a weaker currency.

Of course, there are many factors one needs to consider when purchasing property abroad, with international politics being one of the most important. Brexit and its far-reaching impact on the global economy is proof of that.

However, if you are clever about it and time your purchase right, this can become one of your most successful investment projects.

Benefits of Investing in Overseas Real Estate

The most obvious benefit of investing in property overseas is the diversification of your portfolio. Choosing the place wisely also allows you to not only collect on higher rental yields, but also win on currency exchange rates.

Bear in mind that the same currency exchange can cause great financial losses. Therefore, investors should consider using money transfer services that do not only offer low transfer rates and FX margins but also provide hedging tools for minimizing risks.

Overseas property is also a good way to protect your assets and, depending on the locations, it can provide some tax benefits. In the case of great political issues or economic instability, like the uncertainty caused by Brexit, owning an asset that provides you with regular income in a location unimpeded by these issues can be life-changing.

All in all, it’s not surprising that this type of real estate investment is booming today. And with a general drop in property prices as well as easily accessible mortgages, it has boomed in the last couple of decades.

Who Is Investing in Overseas Property?

The international real estate investment market is international in every sense of the word. Many people realize the benefits of this investment, so there are people owning property abroad in every country.

However, an attentive observer can notice some more pronounced trends. For example, Americans are more fond of investing domestically, which isn’t a surprise considering the size and diversity of their country.

The Brits, on the other hand, prefer purchasing property in Europe. Holiday homes in Spain and France are particularly popular. Transferring money and assets to Spain makes more sense today due to the stability of the currency and lower prices on the real estate market. The South of France, the best region for a holiday home in this country, has some of the highest property prices in the world.

Recently, the Chinese have also become extremely active in the international real estate market. They are purchasing properties all over the world. They are doing it regardless of the political resistance they face, quickly becoming one of the biggest players on the global real estate arena.

How Politics Shape the Overseas Real Estate Investment Market

One important factor that overseas investors need to keep in mind at all times is that in the globalized world of today, everything is connected. This means that every event, which causes the certainty levels to go down, will affect every market, not just the local one.

The latest political instability in many regions, and major events like Brexit, made international property investment less appealing to many. This trend affected multiple countries causing some important changes on the local markets.

For example, real estate prices in the UAE have gone down rapidly in 2019, showing record-breaking drops in some areas. The reduction of foreign real estate investment may have only a limited impact in this particular country. However, it will be a major blow for some.

Many developing economies strive on attracting investors. Some countries, like India, even go as far as to change legislation in order to make it easier for foreign investors to purchase property in the country.

However, this will hardly help them if investors aren’t willing to take the risk. Speaking of Brexit, because of the rapid weakening on the GBP after its initial announcement in 2016, the currency has yet to regain its position. This means that nearly overnight purchasing property abroad has become much more expensive for the Brits.

Fluctuations of the foreign currency exchange rates always have a major impact on the international real estate investment industry. That’s because for all the benefits of this investment the profit margin on it isn’t very high. And a currency drop like the one pulled by GBP can erase it and even turn an asset into a money drain.

The matter of Brexit, in particular, will keep impacting the global real estate market. And because of the uncertainty associated with it, no one can make any solid predictions for the extent of this impact.

The world is already feeling the strain caused by the reduction in the number of British overseas investors. This impact is most pronounced in the EU, which attracted millions of property buyers from the UK.

Now, regardless of the exact terms of Brexit, there can be no doubt that the number of Britons buying property in the EU isn’t going to go back up. It might increase, but because of the higher taxes and other issues, it’s impossible to believe that this rate of investment will ever return to its former level.

One shouldn’t forget that the terms for non-EU members are never as good. In fact, you might be facing prices, taxes, and fees that are up to 30% higher as opposed to those offered to EU member states residents. Who would want to buy a property under these terms?

However, as the Britons’ interest in purchasing holiday homes in warmer climes remains high, other property markets might win from this situation. It’s always like this with the global market. Something that is unfordable to some brings advantages to others. The very same GBP drop caused by the Brexit announcement made it more lucrative for people who want to repatriate their funds and return to Britain.

Therefore, the golden rule of the international real estate investment market is to always remain on alert. Diversification is your friend because having a big portfolio will protect you from the big problems caused by uncertainties that result from major political and economic events.

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Realistic Ways to Invest If You’re Broke

You’ve probably heard how important it is to invest in something, whether that’s the stock market, bonds, or even real estate, but how do you put money into any investment if you don’t have any?

That’s one of the biggest hurdles young people and low-income individuals see on their way to building wealth through investment. They feel like it takes money to make money, and that’s not untrue, but it also doesn’t necessarily count you out of the investment world, and you won't have to consider loans.

Compare Online Savings Accounts

Before you can move into the world of stock market investing, or more advanced approaches, it’s best to have a grasp of the fundamentals. One of the core elements of any healthy financial strategy is having money set aside. You can do this in the form of a savings account, and if you browse online savings account options, you’re more likely to find competitive interest rates. This is not only allowing you to set money aside that can later be invested, but it’s a small investment in and of itself since you’re earning interest.

Consider ETFs

An ETF, which is an exchange-traded fund, is an attractive investment option because it gives you the benefits of a broadly diversified portfolio, but you’re getting them at a low cost. ETFs are somewhat like a stepping stone to mutual funds for many investors. Along with the lower operating costs of an ETF, they also offer flexibility, transparency and tax efficiency. ETFs, like stocks and bonds, can also be traded intraday, which is beneficial in terms of speculative trading.

Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are much like they sound like—inexpensive stocks. Trading penny stocks is often seen as more a short-term strategy, but it can work well when you pair this type of approach with something steadier and more long-term, such as ETFs. If you’re unsure of how penny stocks work you can take advantage of online training courses and programs like Timothy Sykes’ Millionaire Challenge. The benefit of starting out your stock market investing with penny stocks is that you learn the fundamentals of the market, and as your income grows you can use this knowledge to build your wealth by playing the market.

Automatic Investment

If you don’t have a lot of money or time to put into investing, you can let technology do the work for you. Apps like Acorn offer automatic investments of your spare change, so you can effortlessly grow your wealth, quite literally with pennies. Acorns and similar platforms follow a concept called “Micro Investing.” It works by having you connect your cards and accounts, and then every time you make a purchase the total is rounded to the nearest dollar. Your change is invested on a recurring schedule, and you can also add amounts to your account anytime you want. With Acorns, every dollar you invest is automatically diversified across 7,000 stocks and bonds.

Skip Trading Fees

If you are low on extra money and hoping to invest in the stock market, you likely don’t want to have to pay high brokerage fees. Robinhood is a new mobile app that lets you avoid high fees and take advantage of free stock trading so that you can maximize your money. Robinhood is an innovative platform that eliminates commission and is based on advanced technology. Users create self-directed orders, and the low-latency trading systems of Robinhood ensure the execution goes as well as possible.

Not already being wealthy doesn’t count you out of most investment opportunities. You may have to a little more creative with your approach, but once you master the basics and realize some profits you can put that money back into your investments and watch your wealth grow over time.

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You Best Investment Choice

Choosing the right investment for your hard earned money may be a difficult process to go through because of the different options and channels you could choose from and as well as the different factors you should consider when investing money – especially if it is not a small amount. You have worked hard and saved for a period of time just so you could have the extra cash to put up in investments, so it is important you place it where you would get the most out of your money. Smart investing is not just about earning a certain percentage of your money, it is also about increasing the value of your money so that even if it is left in your investment channels in two, three, or five years down the road, once you take it out, you would get a greater value for it even after considering economic factors such as inflation. There are only quite a few high return investments available in the market with great returns and a hassle-free process, so it is very important to be smart with the investment choices you are going to make.


With Buy2LetCars, you would be able to get great returns without having to do any kind of management and maintenance chores compared to buy-to-let properties. You could invest as little as £7,000 and already get a total gross gain of £985 in a span of only three years, or even as much as £280,000 and get a whopping total gross gain of £75,595.34 in the same number of years. You would not get that much of a return in other investments if you would not be willing to take on so much risk where you could also potentially lose most (if not all) of your invested money. With this investment however, there is only minimal risk because you would be still registered as the owner of the car. It is a very hands off type of investment, you do not even have to look for the car to be purchased, or lessees to earn from.

Buy-to-Let vs Bank Savings

If you keep your money in banks to earn, you would only get a maximum of 2-2.5% of interest per year. Meaning, if you have £10,000, you would only get £250 at the end of the year. That is only if you would not touch or withdraw any amount from the £10,000. However, with Buy2LetCars, you can get as much as £470 per year or a total gross gain of roughly £1,410. That is an annual interest rate of return of 7% per year. What sets Buy2LetCars investments from others is that you would already be able to have financial management and decisions with your money because if you invest £10,000, you would get monthly payments of £235 for 36 months, and a final lump sum payment of £2,935 on the 37th month wherein your earnings have already been computed for. With the monthly payments that you receive, you would have more freedom to invest it in other channels, lease out your own car, buy your own car, use it to pay off debts, loans or mortgages, and so much more.

Earn 7-11% Per Year

Annual inflation rate averages at 2% each year. Meaning, if your annual living expenses cost you £20,000 in January 2019, next year in 2020, living expenses and cost of goods and services would already bloat by £400. So ideally, you should place your investments in earning opportunities of greater than 2% per annum to get the most value for your money. This is significant especially if you are going to place your money in long-term investments. If you invest in Buy2LetCars, you would easily be able to beat the annual inflation rate, so you are guaranteed to get the greatest value for your money at the end of your investment period. For investments ranging from £7,000-£10,000, you would already be able to get an interest rate of 7% per year. With investments starting at £14,000 (the cost of one unit), you would get a greater 9% interest return per year, if you invest in more units starting from £24,000 with 2 units to £84,000 with 6 units, you would earn 10% per year. Any investment total of 7 units up to 20 units or £98,000 to £280,000 would get you an all-time high of 11% returns per year. If you want to get the best value for your money in a not so long-term investment, then Buy2LetCars is definitely for you.

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The Basics You Need To Know Before You Learn How To Trade Futures Traders, whether new or experienced, know how complex trading futures is. It’s never a cakewalk. It takes time and effort to fully understand even analyze how to get things right. Like any other investments, it’s an investment journey laden with risks – and at some point, you’ll fail.

That’s why before you take a leap into futures, learn how to trade futures the right way. Otherwise, as a futures investor, it will be a riddled-filled journey with more nerve-racking frustrations. You’ll even lose money. So have enough money, clear-cut financial goals, and an appetite for high risks prior to.

How much risk can you tolerate?

Before taking a plunge at trading futures you must realize this is not a risk-free investment game. In fact, it’s not a game at all. It’s a fact every new future investor must grasp prior to learning how to trade futures. Having a high-risk tolerance is a requisite – or else you’ll fail.

If you can’t tolerate such risks then find other types of investments that promise quick returns. Losing money while trading is all too common. Therefore, you have to stomach the punch trading deals you. You have to naturally stomach loses.

Seasoned traders have a high-risk tolerance that keeps them in the game for the longest. Another thing: there’s no insurance when you make a loss at your investment. Such protection is never assured when trading futures contracts. In fact, chances are you’ll lose all your initial investment in one fell swoop.

Have clear financial goals before you learn how to trade futures

It sounds obvious but few future investors take this fact seriously. Most get attracted to the returns and forget that their investment goals can set them up for success or failure. It’s essential to know why you want to trade in futures in the first place, and for how long.

If your intention is to get in and make quick money and get out – that is, trade futures for a short period of time – then trading futures isn’t in your wheelhouse. You’re better off investing time and money in a more favorable type of investment that assures quick returns.

Do you have a clear financial plan? Before you master how to trade futures, examine how much money and time you have on your sleeves to make your trading worthwhile. It’s the same as starting a business – you need a clear financial roadmap that paints a picture of how much money you intend to make over time. Talk to a financial expert to guide you on this journey.

Remember, trading futures is a complex affair. Besides the money, it involves investing healthy amounts of time as well. So unless you’re ready to give trading ample time, chances are slim you’ll triumph. The good news is, trading futures becomes bearable with automated modern trading tools available today.

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Can Libra Have an Impact on the Global Cryptocurrency Market? There had been a lot of speculation on Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency and the social media giant managed to keep the project under the carpet for a significant amount of time. Leaks to the press occurred since late 2018 but it was only in June that Libra had been officially announced.

Although a stablecoin independent from the cryptocurrency market, the story had a major impact on large-cap tokens (Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, etc.) and today we’ll try to see what could happen in the near future.

Libra Project official

On June 18th, 2019, Facebook published the Libra White Paper, ending several months of speculation on its intent to launch a cryptocurrency for its approximately 2.4 billion users. According to a Forbes post at that time, some people view Libra as “nothing more than Paypal”, “with the blockchain buzzword thrown on top”, while some optimistic people say it could be an important step forward towards greater adoption of cryptocurrencies. 

As the white paper mentioned above is stating, Libra will be a “simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people”. Built on a secure, scalable, and reliable blockchain, it will be backed by a reserve of assets (a.k.a. stablecoin).

 Based in Switzerland, the Libra Association will manage the cryptocurrency system, with an initial group of organizations which will become the founding members. PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, eBay, Vodafone, Coinbase, venture capital companies, and nonprofits, are part of the group.

Libra – a pain in your wallet?

According to, behavioral economists and psychologists believe that electronic money usage makes people spend more. Using cash triggers the same parts of the brain that process physical pain. Since credit/debit cards had appeared, spending habits had intensified and the trend could continue if people will have access to Libra.

We must also add that social media platforms had been good at promoting spending thanks to peer pressure, which means you’ll have an addition temptation to be undisciplined with your finances.

Global finances influenced by Libra

Even though the fact that companies like Facebook,       Amazon, and Alibaba venturing into financial services could speed up transactions and cut costs in the developing countries, some experts believe it could also affect the stability of the banking system. The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) already mentioned that other than the benefits, negative points should also be considered.

In particular, the institution pointed towards a reduction in competition and the creation of data privacy issues. Hyun Song Shin, an economic advisor and head of research at BIS, spoke on the matter, highlighting some of the issues:

“The aim should be to respond to big techs’ entry into financial services so as to benefit from the gains while limiting the risks…Public policy needs to build on a more comprehensive approach that draws on financial regulation, competition policy, and data privacy regulation.”

Bitcoin influenced by Libra?

Facebook’s plan is to build its own cryptocurrency, independent from the cryptocurrency market, with a stable value pegged to the US Dollar. Even though these are details already confirmed, Bitcoin had been one of the cryptocurrencies which had been influenced heavily by the Libra news. The most popular cryptocurrency on the planet recovered impressively in 2019, and one of the reasons has to do with all the rumors surrounding Libra.

Intense media leakings started from April, which is exactly when the price of Bitcoin started to trend higher impulsively. Also, since the project had been officially confirmed by Facebook, there had been a negative influence on Bitcoin, given the Libra regulatory scrutiny that had emerged. We should expect the same for the foreseeable future, given that regulators in the US and Europe are already determined to come out with regulation for cryptocurrencies.

Given the size of Facebook, Libra could have an influence at a global scale and regulators will aim to regulate the entire cryptocurrency market. Any significant news on the issue could weight heavily on the price of Bitcoin.

Global cryptocurrency market and Libra

The social media giant already announced it plans to launch Libra in 2020, but the latest earnings report had shown a more pessimistic tone, given the regulatory uncertainty ahead. In case the company will manage to go ahead and launch the project, the entire cryptocurrency market could benefit since it will be an indication that broader cryptocurrency adoption is possible. How much the positive sentiment will be able to last is unclear, but Libra being used at a global scale will huge news.

At the time of writing, the odds of the project being launched in 2020 seem reduced, given the intense regulatory pressures. We should expect to have regulation for cryptocurrencies and the Libra project may need to be changed. US regulators are not convinced this is a reliable project and their opinion is far from changing. Facebook could delay the launching until waters will settle and that may not be the greatest news for the cryptocurrency market.          

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Where is the Beef? Beyond Meet Does Not Need Any Beyond meat during the last week of July released its financial results stating that the company posted revenues that nearly quadrupled year over year. Sales grew much fast than expected and the company increased its guidance for sales for the entire fiscal year. The company also revealed plans to sell more alternative meat products, as well as the dreaded secondary offering.

Beyond Meat reported that sales surged in the Q2 rising to 67.3 million compared to 17.3 million a year ago. This compared to expectations that revenues would come in at $53 million. The company also reported a Q2 loss of $9.4 million, or $0.24 a share. Earnings before interest, income taxes, amortization and depreciation, came in at a gain of $6.9 million. The growth in revenues was driven by the Beyond Burger which was introduced into several different fast good restaurants. The demand is now exceeding supply which led to the small loss experienced by the company in the Q2. The company also said that they have requested that their supplier of pea isolate, DuPont, rapidly increase the delivery of more pea protein.

Secondary Offering Hits the Stock

Despite the better than expected revenue numbers, shares sank after the company revealed that it plans to sell more shares in a secondary offering. Beyond Meat plans to sell an additional 3.25 million shares, with 3 million coming from selling stockholders. Secondary offerings happen often after IPOs, especially when shares are hot, and investors are concerned about a flood of sales after the end of the typical six-month lockup period. Beyond Meat’s lockup period ends on October 29, according to IPO filings. You can trade shares on an online forex trading platform.

Shares in the secondary offering will be broken down as follows. Approximately 30% of the 3 million shares offered will come from venture-capital shops Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Obvious Ventures, with Kleiner Perkins planning to sell about 600,000 shares and Obvious selling about 350,000 shares. Chief Executive Ethan Brown plans to sell about 39,000 shares, CFO Nelson will sell 55,530 shares, and employees not listed in the registration offering will sell more than 41,000 shares.

Looking Forward

Guidance released by Beyond Meat was strong. The company increased total sales for the year to $240 million from $210 million. The company is expecting its Q2 and Q3 to be its strongest and is forecasting higher revenue in the third quarter. With increased demand due to the start of grilling season, executives said that the company has been faring much better than previous years. The $210 million, the company forecast last quarter was a number that did not include sales from restaurants that were only testing the product.

Since then, Tim Hortons has rolled out Beyond Meat’s imitation sausage and burgers to its stores in Canada. The company also nabbed a deal with Blue Apron. Dunkin’ has begun rolling out a breakfast sandwich made with Beyond Sausage. Sales from its Tim Hortons burger and the Dunkin’ sandwich is not included in the 2019 forecast yet.

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