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A High Yielding Investment

A high yielding investment is definitely a dream come true for those who want to grow their savings. But the sad reality is, not everyone who is willing to invest would be able to attain such a goal at the end of their investment period. In fact, there will even be some people who would sadly and unfortunately, lost part of their investment along the way. That is why in a lot of cases, people are just hoping that they somehow get a tiny amount of interest earned on top of their investment, or at the very least, get it back in full should things go south. But if you get the opportunity to know what the best way to invest money is so that you would be able to get high yields, why wouldn’t you want it? It may not be the most conventional way of investing your money. Still, if it would guarantee you great returns for your hard-earned money without having to compromising great risk in the process, it is most definitely worth something considering. Buy to let cars it a generally new concept when it comes to investments, but it is an investment opportunity that is showing great potential the past couple of years.

What is Buy to Let?

Buy to let investments are not a very new concept because a lot of people have already been doing it, but the difference is that it is a more properly known investment channel dealing with properties. With buy to let properties, the investor would buy a property – whether houses, flats, apartments and let them out to residents to generate profit through the rent their tenants pay. However, investing in the property market requires a lot of effort, time and energy. This is where the difference lies and greatly matters when comparing buy to let properties to cars. An investment with Buy2LetCars means that you are investing in a totally hands-off investment. You would just simply invest enough capital for a car purchase so that would generate a yield with added interest.

How Do You Earn?

Buy2Let Cars is partnered with Wheels4Sure when it comes to leasing out the cars gained from investors through the buy to let platform. With Buy2Let Cars, you could already invest in a single-car unit for only £14,000, but you could also be able to have minimal earnings with their minimum investment amount of £7,000. Investments can earn on average between 7-11% annually, depending on how much the initial investment amount is. Your investment will have a tie-up period of 3 years, which is also the typical time a car is leased out through Wheels4Sure. There will no longer be any other expenses for you to pay for all throughout the 3-year period. You would not even have to worry about any car insurance and maintenance expenses, as it would already be covered by Wheels4Sure every time they lease out the cars. You have nothing to do but sit back, relax, watch your money grow, and simply wait for your earnings in your bank account each month.

When Do You Get Paid?

With an investment with Buy2Let Cars, you would be able to enjoy better financial management and freedom compared to other investments because your money would not be locked up for the whole of the investment period. Unlike other investment channels wherein you would have to wait for the whole investment period to lapse before you get your money back along with the interest earned, or even amount lost sometimes, Buy2LetCars would pay you on a monthly basis for 36 months. Each month for 3 years, payments will be deposited to your bank account until your initial invested capital is paid back. On the 37th month, a lump sum would be given to you, which includes the final payment back for your capital, plus the interest your money has earned through the investment. For example, if you would invest in one car unit at £14,000, you would receive 36 monthly payments of £250 straight to your bank account without having to do anything. On the final 37th month, you would receive a gross final payment of £8,080, giving you a total gross gain of £3,079.72 or a 9% interest rate of return per annum. While you receive your monthly payments, you would already be able to further increase the value of your money by investing it in other channels, or simply by using it when emergency calls for it. It's a high yielding, hands-off, and simple investment straight to your bank account – isn’t it something you would want to get your hands on?

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