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There could be many reasons why you choose a credit card, but before you decide, it’s likely you’ll take time to look into some of the common notions about them first. For example, what is the best credit card to have? Is it true that you are entitled to rewards as a card holder? Can you draw cash from ATMs? Will your credit card purchases be kept separate from your bank account? It is always sensible to carefully consider any financial... [Continue Reading]

5 College Education Cost Estimation Tips

Going to college can be an expensive venture. While you want to make a solid return on your investment, you also don’t want to skimp, especially when it comes to matters having to do with your educational aspirations. This is the reason why you want to have a rough budget of your entire college experience totally mapped out. With a rough estimation, you can plan on your living arrangements, your tuition and all the other miscellaneous costs that... [Continue Reading]

Secrets To Paying For College

It's not uncommon today for young people to find themselves financing their college education mostly or completely on their own.  Although this task may sound next to impossible for students who are evaluating the costs of different colleges, it is a process that many people have navigated successfully.  Students who explore their financing options, think carefully about their choice of school, and keep spending under control with a prepaid... [Continue Reading]

The insiders guide to personal loans

When faced with a need for emergency funds, many people look first to a credit card. However, with interest rates on credit cards being as high as 25 percent, personal loans may be a viable alternative. This method of borrowing funds works well for individuals with good credit scores; those people with less than good credit should compare interest rates between personal loans and other sources carefully. Personal loans can be used for a variety of... [Continue Reading]

Can Buying a Used Car Genuinely Represent an Investment?

Despite almost consistent growth during 2013, there are signs that sales in the used car market are beginning to slump. This is causing confidence to dwindle among dealerships, while consumers are also beginning to think twice before buying a second-hand vehicle. On the flip-side, however, this may cause a depreciation in the cost of used cars nationwide, which opens up the concept of purchasing second-hand models as a potential investment vehicle.... [Continue Reading]

Do You Really Need a Strict Budget?

Having a budget might not sound like a lot of fun, but the reality is that most people need one. Without a budget, it is difficult to tell where your money is going, and it is hard to make sure that you have enough money left over after paying bills and covering your expenses to save for retirement or to save for a rainy day. With a budget, you can create a plan for your money that allows you to grow your net worth and that allows you to achieve... [Continue Reading]

Payment Solutions by Industry Sector: Singapore

Singapore is well-known as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, so it’s no surprise that it is also one of the frontrunners of credit and debit payments in Asia. Particularly in recent years, consumerism in the city-state has changed enormously. In a survey conducted 13 years ago, the Department of Statistics and IDA revealed that only 25 percent of Singaporean consumers who made online transactions used a credit card for their... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips To Getting Your First Car Loan

Getting your first car loan can sometimes be stressful, but it should be an exciting time for you, so we have together a few tips to getting your first car loan to perhaps make this a less stressful experience for you. Tip 1 – Only Apply Once You Are Satisfied With The Offer Quite often a first time borrower makes the mistake by formally applying to find out his interest rate. Often this is just a sales tactic and a good credit assistance... [Continue Reading]

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: Money Saving Tips For the Equine Inclined

All things considered, Britain is quite the horsey nation. Riding and keeping horses continues to grow in popularity, with more than four million riders in Great Britain. And even though equestrian sports have long been the province of the well to do, not all horse owners and riders are wealthy – not by a long shot. In fact about 25% of horse riders earn less than £10,000 per year. Keeping a horse, however, can be an expensive endeavour,... [Continue Reading]

Fatten Up Your Bankroll for Christmas

“Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat…” It’s that time of year again, but while the geese may be getting fat, many families are finding that their bankrolls are woefully thin. Families could benefit from the help of a payday loan to have a stress free lead up to Christmas and enable them to make all of the necessary purchases for the big day. The desire to go all out with presents, food, decorations and festivities is... [Continue Reading]

Lifestyle Changes that Pay

Bill Gates is worth $72 billion, and Warren Buffet, $58.5 billion. Unless your name is next on the list, or even fifteen places below, you probably are interested in ways to keep more of your paycheck in your pocket. There really is no need to overhaul your life; simple lifestyle changes will net you a hefty savings. Grocery Shopping This area gets to the heart of what we value as Americans. Family meals and round-the-table chat are the Norman... [Continue Reading]

How Businesses can Save Money

Naturally, a business will have been set up to make profit for its owner and staff. In the current tough economic climate, companies are always looking for ways to make their money go further. Cutting down on costs is often the most efficient way to save money where an accumulation of even small savings can push your profits higher over time. With so many aspects to contend with regarding your business, it can tricky to know where to start. ... [Continue Reading]

How Self-Employed Workers Can Save Money

Being self-employed has many advantages but there are also potential downsides that can arise when working for yourself. One of these is the fact that a regular income is not necessarily guaranteed. Of course, it is solely you who are responsible for your own pay as well as sick leave maintenance, tax payments and pension scheme. With all these responsibilities to take care of, keeping on top of your finances can be hard and ensuring you have enough... [Continue Reading]

Hispanic Business Owners Benefit from California Bank Services

Big business has always struggled to meet the needs of minority markets.  Some businesses decide that their core competencies lay in concentrating on the needs of the majority and letting niche markets have the minority customers.  Two of these minorities are women and Hispanics.  Interestingly, neither of these are true minorities.  In 2002, there were actually 16 million more women than men in the United States, over a 10%... [Continue Reading]

5 Tips for Making Money Investing in Classic Cars

There is nothing like that loud, roaring vroom of an old muscle car, or the rattle and prattle of a pre-war commuter car. Indeed, in the old days they made cars with more attention to detail and beauty than safety and environmental concerns. Global warming wasn’t on people’s minds and the idea of seat belts was ludicrous – all car manufacturers focused on was aesthetics and comfort. Classic cars have beautiful lines, colors and the... [Continue Reading]

Credit Card Freebies

Thanks to the strong likelihood of debt being racked up and money being forked out, credit card companies often offer attractive freebies and introductory offers to new customers. If you shop around sensibly and read the small print you can grab the chance to claim some vouchers or even free flights. Just make sure you know what you have to do to qualify for the freebie, avoid interest by paying off any necessary expenditure required to trigger the... [Continue Reading]

Three Things Businesses Should Know to Ensure they Don’t Fail

According to a report by the BBC, 4 out of 5 new businesses end in failure.  This means that if you’re considering starting up a new company, you should really get to grips with what the best people in your perspective industry have done right, so that you can follow in their success. Along the same lines, you should learn what some companies that failed did wrong.  Maybe their mistakes were avoidable. So here are 3 things you should... [Continue Reading]

Should you get a credit card?

Should you get a credit card? We're all constantly told to stay away from debts and credit cards especially and it is easy to see why. The high interest rates, potential charges and the way the debt just seems to last forever if you're only ever paying off the minimum required payment each month can end up quite troublesome if your income changes or you do not stay constantly on top of your credit card bills and payments. Despite the obvious cons,... [Continue Reading]

Three Reasons Owning a Vehicle Fleet could improve your Business

If you run a small business and you’re looking to improve your efficiency, one of the first things you should look at is buying a fleet of company vehicles.  This investment could help you streamline and become more profitable for a number of reasons; here are just three to help you become more informed. You could expand your Business’s Outreach If your business is one which relies on your local community, owning a fleet of vehicles... [Continue Reading]

Pay less for your mobile phone

Your mobile phone is most likely a huge part of your life; many of us rely on them to store our entire lives and would be lost without them. Because of the importance we place on our phones, many of us also pay far more than we need to for what we get. Be sure that you’re not falling into this category and follow a few simple tips to the most from your mobile contract without overspending.  Are you coming up to the end of your contract? If... [Continue Reading]